Here we are at the end of the year, and I hope you are all full of festive food and happiness!

It’s been a long time since the last update, so I wanted to make a few announcements to keep you all up to date.

Most importantly, we have taken on a “Patron Partner”. Eilidh McCullough is a well-known supporter of community and charity projects in InWorldz, and has made a very generous investment in the project, covering our hosting and database costs for the next couple of years. We are deeply grateful for the support and we look forward to working with Eilidh in many other ways too, as we continue to develop and expand the project.

Next, a sincere apology from myself at the lengthy delays in getting the next release of the marketplace finished. It’s been a complicated few months, with health and financial issues, and I haven’t had the time or energy to work on the project as much as I wanted to. Things seem to be settling at last, and I am keen to get back into things properly in the new year. The next marketplace release should be live at the end of January and much is planned beyond that too.

I also thought you might like to know some numbers about the marketplace at this point :

  • Merchants : 220
  • Products : 12,863 (excluding inactive ones)
  • Sales : Iz$ 321,031 from 958 actual sales (excludes freebies and demos)

Finally, please note that the servers will be going down tomorrow so that we can move the databases to a new hosting company, with better support and greater security and flexibility. We are hoping to limit the downtime to 2 hours, from 3am to 5am IW Time (PST) on Saturday 31 December, 2016. Join the group in-world to get status updates.

We wish you a wonderful New Year, and we look forward to sharing an amazing 2017!

We are so happy to be up and running.

I’m very happy to say that we are up and running. The launch party went well (the sim was full several times) and the only major bug was a problem with demo items not being zero-priced on checkout, which has now been fixed. We have new merchants signing up already, and we are currently up to 9169 active products – that keeps climbing every time I check!

I’m working on some new admin screens for better managing inventory (the items in in-world Depots) and better documentation and starter videos. I’ll also be working on getting things like mobile views all working for those who want to browse on their phone or tablet. So lots still to do, but the essentials are there and the feedback has been wonderful!

Things coming in the near future :

  • Gifts (immediate, timed delivery, vouchers, scripted giftboxes, store credit and more)
  • Promotions system for merchants
  • Auto-payouts to merchants
  • Merchant commission discount schemes
  • In-world vendors managed and delivered through the marketplace for easy maintenance
  • + much more

Thanks again for the wonderful support and your patience. It’s taken a long time to get here but this really is just the beginning of a beautiful journey!

We are finally here. The marketplace launches officially tomorrow. The servers will be going down soon after midnight (IWT) tonight and will be back up as a full marketplace by noon tomorrow. Come join us at the hub from Noon to 2pm tomorrow to party and celebrate! ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s fully opening next weekend. The party is booked – Noon to 2pm next Sunday 7th August.

In the meantime I am looking for folks to help do a bit of final user testing and feedback this coming week. If you are already familiar with the merchant side of the marketplace, and have some time available this coming week, please drop me a notecard in-world and let me know if you want to be involved. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

Every time I set a date for launch I apparently tempt fate. Take the last couple of days for example. Full online purchasing was set for today – the latest “certain” deadline. I was sure of that one. Now I feel like the punchline to a universal joke. A one hour job has taken two days and I have another half dozen “one hour” jobs. Nevertheless I got up full of optimism. That lasted half an hour {laughs}.

After falling out of the shower, literally, I tripped over my own foot on the way back to my bedroom and went flying headfirst into the wall. I’m okay, I think, but have a terrible headache (no bump thankfully) a big toe that seems to be bruised and strained rather than broken (again thankfully) and a very sore shoulder. None of which stops me coding but it’s not conducive to concentration.

So, new plan. I’m retreating to my cave again to get this thing kicked (not literally!). It really is very close, just lots of loose ends – most of which are the result of my “clever” features and entirely my own fault. The delivery work is done, the cart is done – it’s just wiring the whole thing together and doing things like license agreements and cancellations.

I’m not setting a date this time. I suspect I am cursing myself with those. If I’m right I’ll get to sneak it past fate while she’s not looking and you’ll log in soon to a notice saying “IT’S ALIVE!!!” and the sound of me sleeping peacefully for a week.

The marketplace itself is now open in “catalog” mode. That means you can search, browse and view all the active listings on there but you cannot buy anything yet – I still want to do more testing on the money side but hope to open that bit next weekend, along with all sorts of search filters (features, perms, etc.)

The plan is to do one release a week if possible, to add the remaining functionality.

In the meantime, any products and stores that have teleport locations do have the Teleport button working – it will open the InWorldz map to the store location.



Firstly, a MASSIVE thank you to all of those who donated to support the project and its developer (me!) via the donation boards and PayPal. You are wonderful and very special people and I have no words that can say more than THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Secondly, as usual, I underestimated what needed to be done to finish the public side of the marketplace, but I don’t want to rush to launch it before I have also had time to test it all thoroughly, so the launch date is now Saturday 18th June. Sorry for the extra delay, but I want to be totally certain it won’t blow up when I let everyone in :)

We are thrilled to announce that the merchant side of the new Marketplace is now open to all merchants.

Check out the overview video to see all the cool features we have added to save merchants time and effort in managing their listings, including :

  • predefined text that you can add to lots of products and manage in one place
  • multiple stores andย  add partners to stores so they can list too
  • split profits
  • searchable indicators for InWorldz Plus, Group Member and new resident discounts in store
  • quick and easy teleports to locations in-world, using our TP2 locations or manual location
  • multiple item delivery for each listing, ideal for notecards and gifts
  • demo items with instant delivery
  • our incredible “bulk editor” that lets you change many products at once

Too much to list here, but watch the video to see these and more

To become a Marketplace merchant :

  1. hop over to our Hub and pick up a Merchant Kit and a password from our terminals :
  2. watch the video at to see how to set up your Depots
  3. then log into the site at and list your products
  4. if you had an old inBiz account, use the orange Import button on the listings screen to import your old products

Full user guide coming soon but there’s help on all the forms to get you started.

We’re still in Beta so you many still find issues but we think it’s ready for folks now.

We’ll be opening the main Marketplace to the public at the end of May, so we hope as many people as possible will get busy and get some products listed, even if it’s not everything they sell straight away.