Marching forward

Forgive the pun but it was irresistible!

We are into March and I am feeling the frustration at further delays, but this month is all about releases. There’s still some work to be done on the delivery side of the marketplace – it’s a lot more complex than you might think! – but I don’t want to hold things up any further, so I am taking a staged approach to releases.

The system will be released this week, which will allow merchants to define self-updating locations for their store (and departments if appropriate), as well as hopefully raising some much needed funds! You aren’t obliged to use that system, the marketplace allows you to enter locations manually, but it is a cool way to keep your locations up-to-date.

Then next week will see the marketplace launch in “catalog” mode, which is to say that all merchants will be able to list their products and direct people to their stores/departments to buy those products in-world.

I have a good solution to the remaining delivery issues, so the rest of the marketplace functionality will be released later this month, but this way you folks get to set up your products and get using the rest of the system in the meantime.

Keep an eye out for release notices later this week.


  1. thanks wolff (from chrisje namaste) for all y great work! really! i wish more pple wld realise what this ‘beholds’ & respect it more, im not ofen in iw, but i wld b more once y website is up ;:))) be well and tc 🙂

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