Still here and working my furry little paws off

It’s been over a week since my last update, so I wanted to let you know I am still here and working hard. The “last” few interface bits are taking longer than I hoped, but that’s the nature of the job. I’m releasing the system tomorrow so that merchants can get those set up if they want to. They save a lot of time and have all sorts of benefits but they aren’t required so you don’t have to buy them. The income would be nice of course but I am not forcing people into spending money they don’t have to 😉

The merchant side of the marketplace should be ready sometime later in the week, barring too many hours searching for a missing bracket in thousands of lines of code! To draw a parallel here, it’s like looking for a single punctuation typo in a huge novel, written in three languages. Needle in a haystack doesn’t come close. Fortunately I wrote debug code into all three sides from the start, so I have a magnet of sorts. Enough mixed metaphors though 🙂

I thought I’d drop some pictures in here so you can see some of the stuff that has been added. It’s all mid-debugging, so fixing one thing sometimes breaks something else (like my store names for example!) but it’s coming together and all the new functionality is in place, including multiple store managers, new location lookups, multiple item delivery for a product, and demo items, split pricing, simplified screens, much more help, and the super speedy new delivery and inventory system, tons of tweaks and a few rewrites. I’m exhausted, but hanging in there and doing 8-12 hour days until this thing is live!

Tiny Wolfie hard at work testing the new delivery system

Tiny Wolfie hard at work testing the new delivery system

Split profits

You can now define split profits with a business partner

Other managers

You can add other managers, so they can add items to your store

New inventory system

Deliver multiple items for a product, and demo items too


  1. ths so much wolf ! u really show y talent and u should b so proud of launching this unique market, im, like many other creators, very exited to put my work on y market =)

  2. Wolfe we know it’ll be awesome and one of a kind don’t work too hard enjoy what you do and what you do will be fun ) i for one can’t wait to see it launched it will be awesome

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