Launching the network from inIW!

Powered by the professional network developed for the new marketplace and other services, brings the solution to the eternal problem of outdated landmarks, IZURLs, SLURLs and location links.

You create a simple code for your landing pad and use it in landing pads, teleport sticks, teleport boards and you get a snappy web link that you can use in notecards, blogs, social media, or wherever you need it. Best of all, if you move your landing pad it will update everything in seconds!

Yes, every teleport stick, teleport board and web link will bring people to your new location without you having to do a thing!

Dead easy to set up, really user friendly, and backed by the power and resilience of a top-class network. We are thrilled to bring this service to market.

As a cool extra, your TP2 Codes are quickly selected in the marketplace, places to visit and other services upcoming VERY soon from inIW, saving you time setting up, and always staying right up-to-date.

Don’t you need one less thing to worry about?

Check out the video at : YouTube Video

Visit the store and pick up a set of TP2 Pads to get started :

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