The Marketplace is now OPEN for merchants!

We are thrilled to announce that the merchant side of the new Marketplace is now open to all merchants.

Check out the overview video to see all the cool features we have added to save merchants time and effort in managing their listings, including :

  • predefined text that you can add to lots of products and manage in one place
  • multiple stores and  add partners to stores so they can list too
  • split profits
  • searchable indicators for InWorldz Plus, Group Member and new resident discounts in store
  • quick and easy teleports to locations in-world, using our TP2 locations or manual location
  • multiple item delivery for each listing, ideal for notecards and gifts
  • demo items with instant delivery
  • our incredible “bulk editor” that lets you change many products at once

Too much to list here, but watch the video to see these and more

To become a Marketplace merchant :

  1. hop over to our Hub and pick up a Merchant Kit and a password from our terminals :
  2. watch the video at to see how to set up your Depots
  3. then log into the site at and list your products
  4. if you had an old inBiz account, use the orange Import button on the listings screen to import your old products

Full user guide coming soon but there’s help on all the forms to get you started.

We’re still in Beta so you many still find issues but we think it’s ready for folks now.

We’ll be opening the main Marketplace to the public at the end of May, so we hope as many people as possible will get busy and get some products listed, even if it’s not everything they sell straight away.



  1. thx alot for this video wolff! its seems soo amazing detailed, and so nice to hear y voice too, i hope to get on y market asap! the fp-feature is really great also, mega cognratz

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