The marketplace itself is now open in “catalog” mode. That means you can search, browse and view all the active listings on there but you cannot buy anything yet – I still want to do more testing on the money side but hope to open that bit next weekend, along with all sorts of search filters (features, perms, etc.)

The plan is to do one release a week if possible, to add the remaining functionality.

In the meantime, any products and stores that have teleport locations do have the Teleport button working – it will open the InWorldz map to the store location.



Firstly, a MASSIVE thank you to all of those who donated to support the project and its developer (me!) via the donation boards and PayPal. You are wonderful and very special people and I have no words that can say more than THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Secondly, as usual, I underestimated what needed to be done to finish the public side of the marketplace, but I don’t want to rush to launch it before I have also had time to test it all thoroughly, so the launch date is now Saturday 18th June. Sorry for the extra delay, but I want to be totally certain it won’t blow up when I let everyone in :)