The curse of deadlines and the comfort of caves

Every time I set a date for launch I apparently tempt fate. Take the last couple of days for example. Full online purchasing was set for today – the latest “certain” deadline. I was sure of that one. Now I feel like the punchline to a universal joke. A one hour job has taken two days and I have another half dozen “one hour” jobs. Nevertheless I got up full of optimism. That lasted half an hour {laughs}.

After falling out of the shower, literally, I tripped over my own foot on the way back to my bedroom and went flying headfirst into the wall. I’m okay, I think, but have a terrible headache (no bump thankfully) a big toe that seems to be bruised and strained rather than broken (again thankfully) and a very sore shoulder. None of which stops me coding but it’s not conducive to concentration.

So, new plan. I’m retreating to my cave again to get this thing kicked (not literally!). It really is very close, just lots of loose ends – most of which are the result of my “clever” features and entirely my own fault. The delivery work is done, the cart is done – it’s just wiring the whole thing together and doing things like license agreements and cancellations.

I’m not setting a date this time. I suspect I am cursing myself with those. If I’m right I’ll get to sneak it past fate while she’s not looking and you’ll log in soon to a notice saying “IT’S ALIVE!!!” and the sound of me sleeping peacefully for a week.


  1. Much as I, for one, am looking forward to this marketplace, don’t beat yourself up too badly over it. “It’s ready when it’s ready” is a perfectly acceptable and accurate due date. So please, take care of yourself, and get a non-slip mat for that washroom!

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