We are so happy to be up and running.

I’m very happy to say that we are up and running. The launch party went well (the sim was full several times) and the only major bug was a problem with demo items not being zero-priced on checkout, which has now been fixed. We have new merchants signing up already, and we are currently up to 9169 active products – that keeps climbing every time I check!

I’m working on some new admin screens for better managing inventory (the items in in-world Depots) and better documentation and starter videos. I’ll also be working on getting things like mobile views all working for those who want to browse on their phone or tablet. So lots still to do, but the essentials are there and the feedback has been wonderful!

Things coming in the near future :

  • Gifts (immediate, timed delivery, vouchers, scripted giftboxes, store credit and more)
  • Promotions system for merchants
  • Auto-payouts to merchants
  • Merchant commission discount schemes
  • In-world vendors managed and delivered through the marketplace for easy maintenance
  • + much more

Thanks again for the wonderful support and your patience. It’s taken a long time to get here but this really is just the beginning of a beautiful journey!

We are finally here. The marketplace launches officially tomorrow. The servers will be going down soon after midnight (IWT) tonight and will be back up as a full marketplace by noon tomorrow. Come join us at the hub from Noon to 2pm tomorrow to party and celebrate! 🙂